Inside the Tommy Ton x Club Monaco Launch Party. - 当Tommy Ton遇上摩纳哥会馆

I was lucky enough to go to the launch of Tommy Ton for Club Monaco, Tommy Ton of course being the man behind the camera of JAK & JIL and works for a variety of other publications. I religiously check his blog, so when I heard he was collaborating with one of my favorite brands, my heart skipped a beat!

The event showcased some of Tommy Ton’s photography from Fall / Winter 2012 Fashion Week, ranging from New York, Milan, London & Paris! Famous faces are easily spotted amongst the display. All of which are featured carrying the highly anticipated messenger bag & backpack! The design is stunning and simple, Navy blue canvas bags, leather trimmed with metal closures. There’s no fiddling or over embellishments, its made to function yet remains elegant.

Kicking myself I didn’t hang around long enough to meet or even catch a glimpse of Tommy Ton but VERY happily left the store with my very own messenger bag! I cannot wait to use it!

我很幸运可以看到摩纳哥会馆跟 Tommy Ton 刚刚推出的新产品,Tommy 有一个很有名的博客,他用照片儿介绍不同城市路人的穿着打扮, 他也常常跟 和 合作,介绍最流行的时尚信息。我经常看他的博客,所以发现他会跟我最喜欢的品牌合作,我非常兴奋!



Queens road, Central, Club Monaco.

Tommy Ton 2012 Fashion Week photography.

Tommy Ton x Club Monaco Backpack.

Tommy Ton x Club Monaco Messenger Bag.