Mak's Wonton Noodle. - 麦奀云吞面

Like a hot cup of tea, I find two or three bowls of wonton noodles from Mak's is always satisfying. If you're a HK-er and you haven't been here already, crawl out from under that rock get yourself to Wellington street! The family-run business has been going since the 60's, the famous branch in Central open since the 80's and the recipe remains untouched throughout the generations of owners.

The noodles are served in smaller bowls than you'd be used to eating out of (which is why in one sitting you can easily get a few bowls down you), and they're generous with their shrimp wonton! The broth is deliciously addictive, and is not MSG thats making it so! If you're there around lunch time, you'll find yourself huddled around a small round table rubbing elbows with office worker, the experience is quintessential HK. A bowl will set you back about $30, and whilst your there try out the beef brisket "hor fun", another one of my other favorites!

77 Wellington Street, Central.