Grace of a Geisha.

Can't get over how stunning this collection is, it is by far my favorite sets of La Perla lingerie!Dubbed "Perfume of the Orient" for its Japanese elements, you can see it's inspired by fans, kimonos and traditional screen paintings, the colour scheme ranges from black, china blue, a soft pink, a deep lacquered red, gray and a vibrant yellow.  "Furoshiki", the japanese art of wrapping objects in fabric plays a dominant role, wrapping some garments with a sheer layer of tulle.

Especially liking the detail at the back of the black bra, lace fanning out and subtle nude lace, a characteristic they've used in quite a few of their sets. The night wear feels as soft as it looks (wearing it must feel even more heavenly), taking a lending hand from the constructs of kimonos, they've also created Obi belts and matching clutches for outerwear! I've got my heart set on a corset that can be paired with a simple tailored blazer!

Available in Fall/Winter 2012!