Hello to my 20s! (part 2)

Chocolate & jelly Miss B's cake.

Club Monaco top. DIY tutu. Kallisté heels.Officially not being a "teen" anymore had me hell-bent on dressing up in something fun & young, it just HAD to be a tutu! I set about sewing one & of course it was a disaster but thank god my mum and helper came to my rescue, they  are masters, it looks stunning!..I would have done a tutorial but I stumble through it so awkwardly I cant / shouldn't give advice on it, here however is a really nifty no-sew tutorial if you're interested.

The night began with a sumptuous dinner at Zuma, which has become somewhat of a birthday tradition for me, always accompanied with the most refreshing crushed-ice mojitos. A group of friends & I then took full advantage of open-bar at Pop, a cosy new bar tucked away on a street in LKF. Its all a dizzy whirl of champagne & silly banter, my face actually hurts from laughing so much...you can't go wrong with a room full of your dearest's. Thanks everyone who made my day so phenomenal!! x