Hole in the wall

My friend Jacob introduced me to what is now one of my new favorite places in Hong Kong, hidden away on 5 Hing Wan Street, Wan Chai called Tai Lung Fung.. its far from the typical bars in the area, non of the loud pops songs of today dribbling out of it, instead it has its own personality, how refreshing! My love for HK's history is satisfied here, the decor all a tribute to old style HK, and an even cooler drinks menu takes form as a vintage newspaper. Everything here has a charm to it!

Newspaper style menu.

We sipped on old fashions and a few other bubbly drinks, costing $45 - $35 each during happy hour...not a big dent in the wallet is always a plus!!

Spy by Henry Lau knit wear. Zara pants.

La Perla headband....my hairs become all sorts of crazy colours now??

My now battered DIY loafers. Keen on going back one evening, perching myself under the neon lights and eyeing up what kind of crowd ventures to these parts.

Photos taken by Jacob :)