Byzantine Beauties

After dragging myself out of bed and negotiating my hair into a bun, I made it on time to the official launch of Marco Visconti in Hong Kong, you may have seen they're shop pop up around August time in Soho. For this season they've taken inspiration from the Baroque era and the grandeur of the Byzantine empire, which ment big patterns and old world glamour, of course with plenty of modern flair!

I found myself unexpectedly in awe that they created such flattering pieces using velvet, usually when I think velvet I think of tacky curtains and a hideous dress I wore as a toddler, but what emerged from backstage was an elegant, fitted pair of trousers with ornamental cuffs, I stand corrected, I can learn to love velvet when its done right! What I didn't snap pictures of was their great shirts, the kind that are perfect for day to night wear with some inventive designs, I have my eye on one or two. Visconti may not wow you on the racks but when styled right, its definitely the kind of modest feminine allure that every woman needs in her closet!

My favorite outfit of the collection!