The Mens Shop

Down a little side alley in Wanchai now sits the new Club Monaco Mens shop , and I'm sure I speak for most woman when I say the more dapper & trendy menswear stores about the better! HK men could take several leafs out of Club Monaco's book! The event boasted a NYC vibe with a yellow taxi cab, beer in paper bags, and a little taco stand which my sister and I visit several times.

People were lining up for these customized hand made leather luggage tags, if I wasn't already hobbling from a long day in boots I would have waited to snag one of my own!

The always entertaining Ian Onger.

Fresh made Roast Beef & Guacamole Taco's.

Although its catered to men, its a worth while trip for the ladies too, I find the mens stuff here is great for rocking the "stolen my boyfriends shirt" look! Check it out on 4B, St. Francis Yard road, Wanchai.

Club Monaco Shift dress & Tommy ton bag. H&M boots.