The Black Issue

It's coming up to my 3rd year working at West East Magazine, thought alone is absolutely crazy to me! I still remember the call I received a few hours after the interview, running to my friends place to celebrate and feeling uncontainable happiness! I sometimes struggle to be persistently passionate about things but writing with these guys has been far from dull since day 1! My first writing job, and I'm still hooked! Our latest issue just came out, Tyra gracing the cover in a god like fashion, you guys should defs check it out online or snag a copy @ any news paper stand. Currently working on the next issue so thought I'd share a little more of what I do with you all! It's always a good read, hope you guys enjoy it! 时间过得真快,很快就是我在《东西杂志》的第四年了,一想到这个,我就觉得很疯狂,没想到我会持续那么长的时间。我还记得当年面试结束以后,过了几个小时,我接到电话,他们决定请我帮他们写文章, 我兴奋极了,就跑去朋友家庆祝。

有时候我觉得很难长时间保持热情,不过,跟他们合作,没有一天让我觉得无聊。这是我第一个写作方面的工作,我现在还很爱它!在最新出版的杂志里,有名模 Tyra Banks,她的照片儿很引人注目,你们一定要上网读一读,或者在报纸摊儿买一本。我现在正在写下一期的杂志,所以我可以跟你们分享我的工作!希望你们喜欢!