DSC01763I wanna share this little shop in Causeway Bay, subtly tucked away, that does some seriously exceptional Japanese home-style food! For people looking to get their sushi fix, this isn't my first recommendation, though they do great sushi and sashimi the better noms are the noodles, dumplings, fried foods, cold tofu and hand rolls. Its all very basic and easy eats but it is beyond ddddddelish!! 我想介绍一家在铜锣湾的日本料理店,饭馆儿不大,不过,他们做的料理独一无二。如果你想吃寿司,这不是我最想推荐的,虽然他们的寿司和生鱼片味道很好,但是我觉得最美味的是面条、饺子、炸物、冷豆腐和手卷。


Konjac jelly. Sesame seeds and veg. Snails. 蒟蒻,凉拌菜,日式蜗牛


I have had vivid dreams about eating this tofu, its so juicy and just..oh my god....words escape me! (Yeah, I dream big..) Very top of my list, if you go, you MUST MUST MUST have this!!  冷豆腐,非吃不可!


Corn tempura. 玉米甜不辣


Beef ball wrapped in cabbage with a side of mustard. 牛肉丸子配芥末酱DSC01753

Theres a very warm atmosphere, you feel like you're stepping into someones home to share a meal. I actually fell in love with the restaurant all over again when I visited this time, I learned that when the original owner had to sell the restaurant and return back to Japan, one of his customers who LOVED the food so much bought it off him and is running it now! She loved the food, the place, the staff so much that she quit her job and took over! That's a great love story right there!



White miso with konjac noodles and an assortment of vegetables and seafood.白味噌蒟蒻海鲜锅


Salmon skin hand rolls. 鱼皮手卷

You can find it at 1/F, 513-515 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay. Theres a little lit sign that sits outside that reads "石山" if you have trouble. Check it out on Open Rice for more info. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!!