Good enough to eat

DSC01808 The latest Candy Bags from FURLA are TO DIE FOR, instantly reminded me of the sparkly jelly shoes I used to wear as a kid! Can;t decide which one I love more, the muti-coloured one or the mass of gold, their all so fun and bright, perfect for days when I'm wearing dull shades. Best thing is these totes will last you a decade because of the durable material, plus its waterproof, which will come in handy with HK weather! Absolutely adore the Candy Bag series! Be mine, be mine be mine!!

最新的Furla糖果包,我爱死它了!它让我想起小时候闪亮透明的果冻鞋。我不知道我最爱哪一个,因为每个糖果包都很有趣,如果有一天我穿深色的衣服,糖果包一定会让我增色不少!最棒的是它又耐用又防水,特别适合香港的天气。这一系列的糖果包,太迷人了 !