Festive treats

DSC01882 DSC01892 DSC01897 DSC01900 DSC01908 Hooray its Christmas in 2 days! If you're looking to treat your tummy, Vero has made these dark chocolate gluten free log cakes with a hazel nut layer, its light and absolutely heavenly...not to mention its not sickeningly sweet like most Christmas cakes. A must try!! If you're last-minute gift hunting like me, they have a ton of christmas chocolate sets, I recommend the Caramel Collection (the rounded colourful ones seen above), which has a surprisingly lush rosemary and dark chocolate concoction....trust me it works on some level I cant comprehend!.. The box I brought home has been hovered down already! On a side note, I tried one of their brownies for the first time and my eyes rolled to the back of my head in ecstasy...I have found my Kryptonite!