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Ta da! Backroom has unveiled their Spring / Summer 13 goodies, and its quite the collection! Just a little background on Backroom; It was launched in 2012 by two gorgeous sisters, Pinky & Doris Ngie, the site acts as a mixing ground for up and coming urban brands and everyone's favorite big name designers. These girls know their stuff, and have curated a season of fun based on the choices of colour alone, Hong Kong is a constant sea of black & grey outfits, any hint of exuberance and I'm excited! It comes as no surprise that walking into JAR and seeing it all layed out before me made me all wide eyed and giddy, if I could I would have walked out with all of it, but for now you take a look a look at some of my favorites below. IMG_1929 IMG_1934 IMG_1881 IMG_1909 IMG_1928 IMG_1913

Phong & I playing a game of hat or clutch? But in all seriousness I've grown to love this Mcqueen bag, at first I was unsure but the unique shape eventually won me over. IMG_1917 IMG_1953 IMG_1937

Jasmine from Dress Me loving the paisley action from Givenchy. IMG_1940 IMG_1941

Such simple, beautiful design by Finders Keepers, a quick peek on Backroom and I realized that a ton of celebs and bloggers I follow have been wearing this brand. Their stuff really flatters the female form and is always playful!

IMG_1949 IMG_1880 IMG_1956 420650_10152773345305497_1002603383_n

An afternoon full of giggles with (Left to right) Sabrina, Phong & Jasmine

Club Monaco top. Zara Jeans. Anteprima wire bag. IMG_1886 IMG_1891Check out Backroom for more SS13 style!