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I'm still full thinking about my mums birthday meal at Catalunya, a quick scroll down will give you an idea of how much we wolfed down before doggy bagging the rest! Its only been open a few weeks and has already become the talk of the town for its inventive take on Spanish cuisine.  The restaurant isn't smack bang in the middle of the city like you'd expect, instead it's nestled in Causeway Bay / Morrison Hill area, taking up a luxuriously big space coated in a rich red and accompanied by what is best described as "romantic lighting".  To go along with all the divine food is a long list of cocktails that had our table giggling and merry by the secondround . The food really lived up to the chatter and the service was as equally award winning.

Introducing my new dish rating system, tadddaaaa:

[Meh: ✔  Scrumdiddlyumptious: ✔✔  Holy smokes you guys have to try this!!: ✔✔✔ ]

IMG_1964Supping on Singapore Sour's, my drink of choice for the night

✔✔ IMG_1968Avocado & Lobster Roll


IMG_1967Cecina with Tomato Bread & Catanbrian Anchovies

✔✔✔ / ✔✔✔

Simple starters to kick off the feast, the aged, dried meat went perfectly with bread and surprisingly wasn't overwhelmingly salty, so you can skip out on the carbs if you want that extra space to stuff yourself with. The anchovies were the right amount of tangy, trust'll want seconds!

IMG_1982Tomato Salad with Confit Tuna Belly & Basil


IMG_1978Sweet Bread with Baby Squid

I thought the squid and artichoke was a delicious combination however the sweet bread didn't quite do it for me, it felt out of place in the dish. That being said it was my first time trying sweet bread and its definitely not my cup of tea!

IMG_1975Catalunya Tomato Tartar with Potato foam

IMG_1974Bombas from "Barceloneta"


Absolutely divine, crispy on the outside with a beautiful meaty sauce inside. Its the whole package in its glorious deep fried goodness.

IMG_1984Ham, Cheese & Truffle "Bikini"


IMG_1987Spanish Cheese Platter


20130430_203849Traditional Suckling Pig "Segovian Style"


Before coming to Catalunya, we were told we MUST try the suckling pig, and I am telling MUST try the suckling pig! It was a little sad seeing the poor little piglet laying there in half, but the crispy skin and tender meat  washed the guilt away as soon as it touched my lips. They make a point of showing you just how soft the meat is by cutting it with a plate, its perfectly juicy and packed with the aromatic herbs!

IMG_1997"Padron" Peppers, Pinapple & Lobster Rice

✔✔✔ / ✔ ✔/ ✔✔✔

The peppers might not be for everyone but, if like me you love the the taste of something bitter, these ones will give you a real kick.

IMG_2000Creamy Rice & Milk Pudding


This dessert really made me fall in love with Catalunya, the rice was cooked to utter perfection so it has that bounce when you bite into it, its just an all round comforting dessert. This is the dish I am most looking forward to having  again, if they could serve it to me by the vat, that'd be great!

Bookings are now open for June so grab your nearest and dearest before securing your spot, the food is truly sublime and you get your moneys worth. Word of advice, bring your stretchy pants, you're going to want to try the majority of the menu! All this talk of food has made me hungry..I'm off to the kitchen. Have a fab weekend everyone!

Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Rd

2866 7900