The Do-Over HK edition

IMG_2020 f9455282b55711e2af0122000a1fbc9e_7 Adidas Originals X Fresh Off The Boat X Feedback all got together and threw a KILLLLLLLER-awesome-tastic warehouse party on Sunday, "The Do-Over" has been the happening music scene in LA since 2005 and is finally showing Hong Kong some well deserved love! Hoping this is the first of many parties like these, it's a real good change of pace and getting lost trying tried find the venue is all part of the magic! Unfortunately, my photo editing software corrupted the majority of my photos..grumble grumble grumble.. but here's what I could salvage!


Super cute Log On piggy phone case


Because standing outside the party is THE place to be!

 Russ, Sam, Steph, BritYuki.IMG_2032

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